Calling all Pregnancy to Post Natal Fitness + Wellness Specialists......
Discover My 10 Crucial Steps To Creating An Amazing Ante/Post Natal Fitness Business!
In this free report I reveal:
  • How to save huge amounts of time by automating your pre-screening questionnaire and pre-qualifying your clients
  • The #1 secret to having a rolling client attraction strategy that brings you the perfect clients
  • Why you need to truly define your target audience so that you create marketing that speaks to those you want to serve and who really need your help
  • Why you need to have a well-explained, time-bound, unique SYSTEM to deliver as opposed to a generic "Ante/Post Natal Class"
  • And so much, much more… 
  • Benefit from my nearly 2 decades of serving this special population and with even a few small tweaks to your current strategies, see the HUGE difference in your business!
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About The Author
For the last decade, Burrell Education has curated live and and now online courses and events designed to educate and support Women’s Health and Fitness Coaches in the creation of STAND-OUT offerings within their businesses that have the potential to transform the lives of the women they serve.
The power of all our educational offerings is enhanced by the equal emphasis we place on theory, practical application and essential business and marketing strategies, VITAL for real-world success.
Our aim is to both deeply education and get our students confidently OUT THERE serving the many women who truly need our help, guidance and support.
“I have now got a very solid knowledge base, both theory and practical, and I am confident when training and helping postnatal clients.”
~ Edita - Personal Trainer, London, UK
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