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Discover 10 Ways To Really Rock Your 3rd Age
The Peri to Post Menopause years are an area of Women's Health where there is just so much confusion and mis-information that we were determined to created an education that both inspired and informed women all over the world to take deep care of themselves, ask better questions of those who can help them and NEVER give up until they feel they are back to feeling their deeply radiant selves throughout their 40's, 50's 60's........indeed WHATEVER AGE THEY ARE! If you're in this life-phase or you serve women who are, you will LOVE this's full of great information and LOTS of knowledge-bombs!  And ESSENTIAL CONTENT for those wishing to create a STANDOUT offering within their own business serving 3rd Age women......
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About Jenny Burrell, Head of Burrell Education
For the last decade, Burrell Education has curated live and and now online courses and events designed to educate and support Women’s Health and Fitness Coaches in the creation of STAND-OUT offerings within their businesses that have the potential to transform the lives of the women they serve.
The power of all our educational offerings is enhanced by the equal emphasis we place on theory, practical application and essential business and marketing strategies, VITAL for real-world success.
Our aim is to both deeply education and get our students confidently OUT THERE serving the many women who truly need our help, guidance and support.

See What These Fitness, Wellness & Women's Health Professionals Had To Say
“The 3rd age is here to stay and women cannot avoid it! How we move, eat and BE in our 40’s and beyond is different to when we are in our 20’s. Teaching your mid-lifers the way you teach a twenty something won’t get the results you want long term. “Train hard or go home” just won’t cut it with a 3rd age woman! 
The 3rd Age Women – peri menopause and beyond – course is so enlightening on many levels. The 3rd age is my field of expertise and the course deepened my understanding of this important stage in a women’s life. The content, delivery and energy of the course was beyond my expectations.
If you want to understand and really make a difference to your mid-life female clients then this is the course for you.”
~ Tanith Lee - “Mrs Menopause”, Women’s Wellness/Fitness Specialist, UK 
“Having just completed the “3rd Age Women – On Line Certification” I would like to say thank you to Jenny, Michelle and Jessica on providing such a wonderful learning experience. The format for learning worked for me and my busy work/life schedule.
Fabulous – weekly tutorials filled with facts, real life experiences and strategies for assisting my client base in this phase is invaluable. The forum to communicate with the Educators at any time was very reassuring and helpful and the On Line Community created of like minded professionals (dealing with real people, real issues and asking real questions) will certainly be an asset and a community I will enjoy learning from, sharing and working with well into the future.
I have worked in the fitness industry 16 years opening my facility 10 years ago. I love working with People to help address their well being. The 3rd Age Woman is what I am passionate about. This On Line Course has certainly enhanced my understanding of working with the 3rd Age. The impact hormones play, the relevance of nutrition and the correct exercise prescription for us Women in this stage of our lives.”
~ Lily Rychter - Revive The Business Of Well Being, Melbourne Australia
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