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We all know that improving your Core Strength or healing your Diastasis (Tummy Gap) and reconnecting to and strengthening your Pelvic Floor is an INSIDE-OUT job and the last job on your list is probably the traditional core exercises that you did before your were Post Natal...but do you also know that what you eat and the way you sit and stand REALLY MATTER TOO! 

So, at Holistic Core Restore® we think you'll find this FREE GUIDE to 10 KEY FIXES to help you improve your Diastasis, Pelvic Floor and overall CORE FUNCTION AND STRENGTH hugely informative AND full of simple actions you can take RIGHT NOW!

This information has helped thousands of women and we know that in just as little as 10 minutes a day, you can start transforming your Core and Pelvic Health...

Download our FREE Pelvic + Core Health Report and START HEALING YOUR CORE NOW!
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Participants Had To Say About The Programme
” The course has started to embed a routine which is a foundation for greater fitness. I think it is a great step after having children to getting fit , but one which is not an obvious first step before the first session. I also think whatever age or length of time since having children it is something that any mother will benefit from. The exercises I have for life and I will be sharing them with my daughter.  Thankyou!  

The simplicity of the exercises , and that they are there as a menu for us to use now and in the future.  Deals with an issue that isn’t really well dealt with, it would normally be an embarrassing topic. The course deals with it powerfully without embarrassment.
~ Sussex Fitness UK Client 
 “Much more connection to right muscles.  More stability generally but also when exercising.  More hope that things will 
improve .  Eliza is fab – genuinely wanted to help
~ Eliza Doalot UK Client 
“My Diastasis has improved, my pelvic floor has strengthened and my belly has toned  so clothes are more comfortable. Claire was very motivational though not pushy. My rheumatoid arthritis limits some of what I can do but I still felt each week that I was achieving something as my homework was tweaked to suit me perfectly. She made it interesting and enjoyable. I was slightly dreading doing it after signing up but after my first class I actually looked forward to seeing Claire each Friday. Loved the treats she made me too! Excellent tutor!”
~ Claire Collins Fitness UK Client 
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