Attention Fitness, Wellness & Women’s Health Professionals! 
Discover In This Online Training Video How To Redefine Your Clients' Postnatal Nutrition & Recovery
In this free video you’ll discover:
  • How to prescribe optimal nutrition to help your postnatal clients heal diastasis recti
  • The exact way to make the science simple for your client, so they get results
  • Why every women’s heath professional who services postnatal women needs to learn these key strategies
  • And the #1 reason why nutrition is more important than exercise when dealing with postnatal clients
About This Training & Educator - Jenny Burrell
Jenny Burrell is one of the UK’s leading-edge professionals in the field of modern pregnancy, post-baby, 3rd age (peri- to post-menopause) female fitness, wellness, massage + bodywork therapies.

She is also the founder of Burrell Education the UK’s ONLY REPs' Endorsed Licensed Education Provider SOLEY for education to these very special populations. 
See what these Fitness, Wellness & Women’s Health Professionals had to say
“I feel really confident now in my role as a postnatal personal trainer, as my understanding of the postnatal body is deep and thorough.”
~ Ebonee Gregory - Personal Trainer, Tasmania, Australia
“I have now got a very solid knowledge base, both theory and practical, and I am confident when training and helping postnatal clients.”
~ Edita - Personal Trainer, London, UK
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